How to describe Karavana?

A sarabande constantly in motion. A group of professional theatre makers, musicians and artists. Dedicated to creating theatrical marvel at special locations. Their shows are known for their apotheoses of music, theatre and ‘imagenius’ installations.

Karavana is coming. The parts of the puzzle have been set in place, those that fit together, those that inspire, those that give meaning… An expression of theatrical adaptation to its surroundings, Karavana will bring you into a magical world of colorful characters and bizarre stories.”

Karavana Crew:

Kasper oostergetel (metal-expert, www.smederijoostergetel.nl)

Annelien Goetschalckx (high-danser, acrobat)

Geert van Mil (www.geertvanmil.org)

Doris Denekamp (www.dorisdenekamp.nl)

Joana Schwing (danser)

Vania D’Angelo (high-danser, acrobat)

Roel Kerpel (www.thirtysevendegrees.nl)

Jelle Grondstra (sound engeneer)

Stef van der Poel (sound engeneer)

Jasper Speet (sound system)

Efka Karska (costume artist)

Alisa Miller (performing artist)

Alex Strik (spreekstalmeester)