fx:     'fade',
    speed:  200,
    timeout: 5000,
    pause: 1,


“Industrial picknick on the roof of a truck” On the roof of an authentic DAF truck you will find a nicely trimmed lawn. Here you can relax and enjoy the view over the event, while being served with cake and tea or coffee. “Exhausted by the many million miles the truck wondered over the world, he tried to find a second career. Now he brings a little bit of nature with him to compensate his CO2 emissions.” Specifications: • An installation which needs two Karavana crew members, 20 guests maximum on the roof of the truck. • The truck is taken off its own suspension. The entire truck is suported by scaffolding to prefent movement. The construction on the roof is also strengthened with scaffolding. The fence is 1.20m high and can be leaned against. • Space recquired; 10 by 15m. • To build and dismantle needs a minimum of 8 hours. • On grass, driving plates are needed. • Electricity: 3500Watt