fx:     'fade',
    speed:  200,
    timeout: 5000,
    pause: 1,

Tar & Feather

“The photo of your ex-girlfriend…,  your teddy-bear which you didn’t get the courage to say goodbye to…” The two priests from the Tar & Feather Cannon will free you from your conflict with a clamorous blast. We invoke you to look for needless futilities. After the tar has dried, you can take your feathered trophy home. Specifications: • A show takes 15 minutes. In 8 hours 6 shows can be done. • Black waterpaint is used as tar. A small amount of chicken feathers will be dispersed over the event. A burning torch is used. • The show needs a circle with a minimum diameter of 8 meters. • Show can be performed both day and night; has own sound and light. • Two persons to perform.